Pohorske lisičje zagate – Pohorje golden fox mess (23.3.2022)

Pohorske lisičje zagate - Pohorje golden fox mess (23.3.2022)

The program covers different topics in Pohorje hills, focusing especially on the Golden fox trophy (Alpine skiing world cup for women). The Golden fox trophy is a legendary sporting event in maribor that has a history of over 50 years, but due to the lack of snow, the organization committee was forced to move the races from Maribor to Kranjska Gora six times in the last 10 years. Global warming forced the committee to change the racing piste and cut down around 500 trees to make the terrain in the upper part of Pohorje ski resort more suitable for ski racing. Consequently the environmental activists warned about recklessness of such actions in light of the climate crisis. The problem is even more paradoxical, because Pohorje is included in EU cohesion project Vision Pohorje 2030 – Pohorka. The radio program focuses on interweaving between tourism, professional sports, environmentalism and biodiversity with the following guest experts:

Tone Vogrinec, the architect of slovenian and yugoslav professional alpine skiing

Nike Kranjc, research fellow from The Slovenian forestry institute

Sebastjan Štruc, coordinator of the Vision Pohorje 2030 – Pohorka project from the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation

Author: Matija Pohorec

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