The project EUROPE IN MY BACKYARD is an initiative promoted by six European local & regional radios that aims to raise awareness about the European cohesion policy in six European regions, through the implementation & broadcast of a global communication strategy.

The project is coordinated by the Andalusian Association of Municipal and Community Broadcasters for Radio and Television (EMA-RTV) and executed at European level by Radio Popolare in Lombardy (Italy), Radio Dreyeckland in Baden-Württemberg (Germany), Near FM in Leinster (Ireland), Civil Radio in Central Hungary, Radio Student in Slovenia, & EMA-RTV in Andalusia (Spain).

In these six regions, each partner coordinates the project activities through their local radio network.

EUROPE IN MY BACKYARD consists of three fundamental pillars:

◊ The creation of a European radio campaign about the impact of the European cohesion policy and its perspectives in the 6 regions, broadcast through 140 local & regional radios for a total audience of more than 4.6 million people.

◊  Recording and sharing 30 short videos about projects financed and implemented in the regions involved in the project.

◊ Hosting six international online webinars about the future and the new objectives of the cohesion policies for 2021-2027

All the content produced will be used to support the project’s global online communication campaign about European cohesion policy at regional level .

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